Flower Essences for Labour and Birth

Flower Essences for Labour and Birth

As the days get shorter and darker, and Baby Bell gets bigger and stronger, I am preparing to turn inward and rest before our girl decides she’s ready to join us out here!

Before I sign off for a while, I thought I would share with you the flower essence blend I will be using to help me in the lead up to, and throughout, labour and birth.

Australian Bush Flower Essences are beautiful, gentle remedies obtained by extracting the healing energy of a plant from its flowers.  Any of my clients can tell you that I prescribe flower essence blends a lot – they are safe, fast acting, and produce powerful results on both the physical and emotional levels.

My ‘Birthing Blend’ contains:
•    She Oak – for female hormonal balance
•    Crowea – to reduce muscle spasms and cramps
•    Bush Fuchsia – to stay in the intuitive, instinctual part of the brain
•    Dog Rose of the Wild Forces – for calmness and centring without fear of losing control
•    Macrocarpa – to enhance stamina and physical endurance
•    Bottlebrush – for mother-child bonding and support through major life changes
•    Boab – to release the baby from negative family patterns and behavioural traits (ie ‘baggage’!)

I will also be adding a few drops of Boab essence to the water of the birth pool.  The traditional practice of some indigenous communities has been to birth babies into a cradle of Boab flowers – what a beautiful way to welcome this new life, full of freedom and cleared of any limiting ancestral ties.

Over the next few months I will endeavour to post anything interesting I come across, and will return with a new volume of ‘Health Store Help’ later in the year.  Feel free to keep in touch!

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