Partus Preparator Herbs in Pregnancy

Partus preparator herbs

34 weeks pregnant today! – the birth plan is written, the positive visualisations are being practiced daily, and now it’s time to start on my partus preparator herbs.

Partus preparators are herbs traditionally used in the last weeks of pregnancy to help tone and prepare the uterine muscles for labour.

Tonifying the uterine muscles in the lead up to labour can lead to a smoother birth process and delivery by helping contractions be more co-ordinated and effective.  It also aids in an easier recovery by reducing bleeding and assisting the uterus to contract in size following birth.

Often included in a partus preparator blend are other herbs that reduce stress and anxiety, herbs high in iron and other nutrients, and herbs to support healthy milk production.

Raspberry leaf tea is the most well-known and frequently used partus preparator herb.  While it’s definitely the Queen Bee, there are many other herbs with a long history of safe use in late pregnancy.

It is important that you consult with a naturopath before taking any herbs in pregnancy – they can advise you on the best herbs for your individual case, the safety of herbs, and the dose required to get the best results.

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