Rebecca Bell Naturopath


“I am a qualified naturopath with a holistic perspective on health and disease.  True wellness depends on all aspects of your body working in balance – when this harmony is achieved, vibrant health is the result!”

Rebecca has a special interest in treating stress, anxiety, ‘burn out’, poor immune function, male and female preconception care, and women’s health.

By educating and supporting you on your wellness journey, Rebecca provides the knowledge and resources required for you to regain control of your health.

What is involved in a naturopathic consultation?

Naturopaths believe that the human body naturally possesses the ability to establish, maintain and restore health.  Illness comes from a state of imbalance in the body, and the underlying cause of this imbalance must be discovered before health can be restored.

Rebecca will take a detailed health history to develop a holistic perspective of your condition.  This allows for a deeper understanding of what is happening in your body, and can link seemingly unrelated conditions – don’t be surprised to be asked about your digestion or sleep patterns when you came in to treat PMS!

Rebecca will ask about your condition and symptoms, as well as diet and lifestyle factors, and answer any questions you may have.  She may suggest some physical examinations such as iridology, or may refer you for further tests.

Based on your unique needs, Rebecca may prescribe herbs, nutritional supplements, flower essences or homeopathics.  She will also offer diet and lifestyle advice, and discuss with you a proposed treatment plan and timeframe.

Rebecca provides you with the tools to become motivated and empowered to take responsibility for your health.  It is never too late to create a happier, healthier you!

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